Our Most Memorable Wine Tasting Experience: Poggio Grande, Tuscany

Our Most Memorable Wine Tasting Experience: Poggio Grande, Tuscany

We bumped along a dusty road in the heart of Tuscany. You can probably picture the scene: rolling hills dotted with mini Italian villas, endless grape vines, and those iconic tall, skinny trees.

We pulled up to an unassuming home and parked beside the gate. I expected a pleasant tasting, but the hours that followed blew me away.

Look at that view!

A tour of the winery

First, we were welcomed by one of the owners. He pointed out a few of their fields, populated by rows of vines. Then he gave us a tour of their small facility: from the grape press to the metal vats to the aging wine in barrels.

I still remember watching him take a sample out of one of the barrels with a long syringe. He swirled the rich red wine in a glass and gave it a taste. “Almost there” he said.

Ever wonder how they check the wine in the barrels? Here’s how.

A garden with a view

After the tour, it was time for the tasting. He kindly showed us to a garden area, where he left us to go prepare our tasting. There was a large gazebo covered in vines which housed a spacious picnic table. As pretty as it was, I ventured around the rest of the garden.

There were wine barrels turned into flower pots. Inviting chairs to sit and relax. A small garden plot. And, of course, the charming Tuscan view that everyone desires.

But the real star of the show was not the tour or the gardens—it was the wine tasting.

Tasting wine under a vine-covered gazebo is as romantic as it looks.

The best wine tasting experience ever

I expected to taste a few wines and nibble some crackers on the side. Instead, Poggio Grande brought out a large wooden platter of bruschetta with our first wine pairing.

Bruschetta is my favorite appetizer, and it pairs perfectly with a crisp glass of wine!

And for the next wine there was a tray of cured meats.

The third tasting was delivered with a tray of fresh fruit

The final tasting included a homemade dessert.

A large serving board laden with dried meats…this was before we dug into it!

Brett (a wanna-be sommelier) was smitten with Poggio Grande’s complete experience, especially their wine. Their red wines are perfect as everyday table wines, simple in all the right ways yet complex enough to complete even the most memorable food experiences. We bought a couple cases of their red wines, and have since enjoyed them with everything from a gourmet steak to hand made ravioli!

4 of the wines that we tasted. Which will be your favorite?

Are all wine tastings like that in Tuscany?

Does Poggio Grande treat all of it’s visitors with this kind of service? I’m not sure. Do most wineries provide that kind of tasting? Probably not.

To be fair, we called ahead to book a tasting with 3 other couples. It probably helped that our group of friends, all living in Rome and working on assignments at the US embassy, planned to buy cases of wine to bring home when they moved back to the States. Maybe we got special treatment since we collectively purchased over 2000 euro of wine!

The wine barrel decor in the garden provides the perfect atmosphere for a winery.

Should you visit Poggio Grande during your Tuscan holiday?

Yes, without a doubt! Not only because the wine is some of the best. Not only because it’s affordable. Not only because it’s family owned and in a lovely spot and offers a unique experience.

We encourage you to visit Poggio Grande because we believe that it’s one of the most authentic, local, and memorable wine tasting you will ever experience!

Ready to book your tasting at Poggio Grande?

This is not a sponsored post. We just had a fantastic and memorable experience at Poggio Grande, and we wanted to share it with our followers!


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