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Will you help me plan my trip?

We do not offer custom itinerary services. Instead, you can read our best advice, insider tips, and favorite spots in our done-for-you itineraries! Shop here.

Will you review my trip itinerary?

Although we’d love to hear all about your plans, our small but hardworking team is unable to offer custom advice and feedback on your itinerary. Find our best suggestions in our Swiss Travel Guides or utilize our free resources for more assistance.

Will you help me pick a train pass?

Use our simple and free Swiss Train Pass Checklist download to pick a pass with confidence! If you have additional Swiss train pass questions, we’ve answered them all (for real — all of them!) in our Ultimate Guide to Swiss Transportation.

Will you craft me a custom itinerary?

We do not create custom itineraries. However, we discovered that we often recommend similar activities for most travelers. So to save you time and money on a custom itinerary, we’ve created a handful of done-for-you guides. Shop our guides here.

Do you offer guided day trips?

Although we’d love to travel with you, we do not offer guided day trips at this time. However, if you see us in Switzerland, please stop and say hi! We’d love to meet you 🙂

Can you recommend places to stay?

We do not recommend specific accommodations, but suggest that you search on Airbnb or use this HotelCard. (We personally use HotelCard anytime we travel in Switzerland!)

Can we meet up or treat you to coffee? 

You’re so thoughtful! Although we appreciate the offer, we don’t have the capacity to meet with every follower. If you see us during your trip, feel free to stop and say hello!

What kind of travel gear do you recommend?

Great question! We list everything we pack in our carry on suitcase here, plus our favorite tech gadgets here.

We’ll see you in Switzerland!

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