3-Day Guide to Zermatt, Switzerland


3-Day Guide to Zermatt, Switzerland

We help you feel Zermatt-ready so you can maximize your trip near the Matterhorn!

✔️ 3 individual daily itineraries 
✔️ Best from mid-June through early-October
✔️ Features: Glacier Paradise, Trockener Steg, Schwarzsee, Furi, Gornergrat, Rotenboden, Riffelberg, Riffelalp, Blauherd, Sunnegga, and more!
✔️ Includes 5 Bonuses: Digital Maps, App Tutorials, Transportation Spreadsheet, Train Pass Checklist, and Bonus Info PDF

INCLUDED: Bundle Bonuses

✔️ BONUS: Bonus Resources | Explains where to stay, rainy day activities, additional hikes, and more!

✔️ BONUS: App Tutorials | How to download and use the 2 apps that will make your trip to Zermatt even smoother!

✔️ BONUS: Maps | Follow our trails, snap photos at the best Matterhorn viewpoints, and find our favorite restaurants.

✔️ BONUS: Zermatt Transportation Spreadsheet | Clarifies exactly when each of the transportation lines are open every single day of the year!

✔️ BONUS: Swiss Train Checklist | Pick the best train pass for your entire Swiss vacation!

3 Day Guide to Zermatt Switzerland Bundle by Aplins in the Alps

Introducing 3 day guide to zermatt itinerary by aplins in the alps swiss travel guide
  • WHERE IS ZERMATT: Nestled in the southern Swiss Alps, near the Italian border.
  • HOW MANY DAYS IN ZERMATT: We gave this nugget of advice away in the title…3 days is perfect for your first visit!
  • WHEN TO VISIT ZERMATT: This Guide is designed for summer travel from mid-June to early-October.
  • WHERE TO STAY IN ZERMATT: Includes a complete guide of where to stay in the village, specific hotel recommendations, and how to find discounted hotel rates.
  • HOW TO GET TO ZERMATT: Step-by-step transportation instructions from the Swiss Airports and popular nearby destinations to Zermatt. Also includes instructions if you’re coming by car.
  • WHAT TO DO IN ZERMATT: Besides gaze up at the Matterhorn, there are handfuls of alpine lakes, 400 kilometers of trails, never-ending views, thrilling adventures, and mouthwatering cuisine.
  • WHERE TO EAT IN ZERMATT: Zermatt won “best culinary village in the Alps.” We list our favorite restaurants, cafes, and bakeries so you can enjoy this foodie paradise too.
  • HOW TO SEE THE MATTERHORN FROM ZERMATT: When you buy this Guide, you get access to our custom maps that include viewpoints, transportation stations, hiking trails, and restaurants.


YES, absolutely! For 2 reasons: 

1 | You can see the Matterhorn from nearly everywhere in the valley. So anytime it decides to show off its beauty, you’ll be able to see it. 

And 2 | Because the Matterhorn (and Glacier Paradise) don’t have a monopoly on Zermatt. There are countless other ways to fill your time with worthwhile activities that don’t get as much marketing attention. 

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This 3-Day Guide to Zermatt includes:

  • 150+ pages of daily schedules, insider information, and good-to-know tips 
  • 3 daily itineraries to maximize your time in Zermatt 
  • Guidance on how to decide if Glacier Paradise is worth visiting, which hikes are the best, can’t-skip mountain experiences, and what to do if you have less time or extra time
  • 8 digital maps to ensure you never get lost on the trail, know exactly where to find the most iconic viewpoints, and can enjoy a delicious meal with a panoramic vista
  • A Bonus Resources Guide to explain train passes, rainy day activities, weather, cell phone data, and how to pack for Zermatt
  • A Bonus Transportation spreadsheet to explain which transport lines are open (or closed) every single day of the year
  • A Bonus Train Pass Checklist so you can pick a train pass for your entire Swiss vacation
  • And Bonus App Tutorials, since we recommend two apps as helpful travel tools

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Hi! If you’re new around here,
we’re Jana + Brett!

And we LOVE Switzerland!

We love it so much that we officially moved here in 2023!

We first visited Switzerland on our 2-week honeymoon in 2012, then we came back for 10 days, then 1 month, 2 months, 3 months — do you see the trend?

After traveling to almost every Swiss canton, we quickly realized there’s a lack of high-quality travel content about Switzerland. 

→ Not just a list of what to do, but how to actually do it

that’s why craft highly-detailed, tried-and-true Swiss Travel Guides!

Our goal is to help you travel Switzerland with confidence by:
–minimizing your planning time
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For comparison, the cost of this 3-Day Guide to Zermatt is about the same as:

A one-way, full-price ticket from Zermatt to Blauherd

1 dinner entree at an average restaurant in Zermatt

2 adult and 2 children tickets to the Matterhorn Museum

1 Mountain Cart ride for 2 adults and 2 children

3 hours access to a hot tub in a Wellness Center and Spa

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Is this Guide right for me?

  • You know you want to see the MATTERHORN, but don’t know where to get the BEST VIEWS.
  • You have already decided to visit ZERMATT, but don’t know WHAT TO DO there.
  • You want help crafting an ITINERARY, but don’t know if you’ll have TIME for everything on your list.
  • You know you want to stay in ZERMATT, but don’t know the BEST AREA of town to book lodging.
  • You appreciate a guide that includes OPTIONS to personalize it to your own preferences, passions, and pace.
  • You prefer a list of restaurant RECOMMENDATIONS to savor the best cuisine in Zermatt. (No more expensive, mediocre meals!)
  • You want options for additional HIKES or FAMILY-FRIENDLY ACTIVITIES.
  • You know SWISS TRANSPORTATION can be confusing, so you need guidance on how to travel to and from Zermatt.

  • You’re not visiting Zermatt.
  • You don’t care about seeing the Matterhorn.
  • You crave spontaneity and would rather figure out your own plan along the way.
  • You’re on a budget and can’t spare money to invest in a travel guide.

If that’s you, then this Guide is not a good fit. But our free resources and videos will still help you out!

Still have questions? We have answers!

✔️ When is the best time of year to visit ZERMATT?

This guide is specifically designed for trips mid-June thru early-October, although many of the activities can also be enjoyed outside of those months.

✔️ Should I purchase this 3-Day Guide to Zermatt and another one of your Swiss Travel Guides?

Absolutely! Zermatt pairs well with many other Swiss destinations. We recommend spending some time in the Swiss Alps (Zermatt and the Jungfrau Region), as well as Lucerne and Lake Geneva.

✔️ Which train pass should I choose?

We’re not exaggerating when we say that 50% of the questions travelers ask us are about Swiss transportation! This Zermatt Guide explains which train passes are (and are not) worth it for your time in Zermatt, as well as your entire Swiss vacation.

✔️ Will this itinerary work for families with children??

Yes! Even though we don’t have kids of our own, we have 9 nieces and nephews of all ages, so we’re familiar with what kids might enjoy. Throughout this Zermatt itinerary, we explain family-friendly activities and mention where there are playgrounds.

✔️ What if I’m older or have limited mobility?

While our Guide does include some hiking trails, we’ve offered adaptations for those who prefer shorter and easier walks. However, this Guide is not suitable for individuals in a wheelchair or who need assistance walking.

✔️ What if this itinerary doesn’t exactly fit my trip?

In the introduction, we explain how to adapt this exact itinerary for trips to Zermatt that are 1 day, 2 days, or even longer than 3 days. The addition of the Bonus Resources and restaurant recommendations are also worthwhile no matter how long you have in Zermatt!

Plus, our shop includes Swiss Travel Guides for multiple destinations and various lengths of time. So you can piece together a complete Swiss vacation itinerary by combining this 3-Day Guide to Zermatt with our other Guides!

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Unhappy with this Guide? Take 1 week to decide!

We know how it feels to spend money on something that doesn’t feel worth it. After all, Switzerland isn’t a cheap destination. That’s why our refund policy is all about YOU.

Take 1 week to sample this product, and if you’re not satisfied with the test drive within 7 days, we will fix the problem or deliver a full refund. 

And here’s the cherry on top: you get free lifetime updates! We will regularly update our content and incorporate new info to keep you in the loop.

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3-Day Guide to Zermatt, Switzerland

We help you feel Zermatt-ready so you can maximize your trip near the Matterhorn!

✔️ 3 individual daily itineraries 
✔️ Best from mid-June through early-October
✔️ Features: Glacier Paradise, Trockener Steg, Schwarzsee, Furi, Gornergrat, Rotenboden, Riffelberg, Riffelalp, Blauherd, Sunnegga, and more!
✔️ Includes 5 Bonuses: Digital Maps, App Tutorials, Transportation Spreadsheet, Train Pass Checklist, and Bonus Info PDF

See ya in Switzerland!

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