14 Best Restaurants, Cafes & Bakeries in Lucerne, Switzerland

14 best restaurants, cafes & bakeries in Lucerne! + Free map! by aplins in the alps

We’ve found 14 of the BEST foodie spots in Lucerne, and we’re gonna show you how to hit ‘em all in just two days!

We’re Jana and Brett, and if you’ve seen our other food videos, you know that eating and drinking is one of our favorite ways to explore a destination.

But Lucerne is one of the most popular Swiss cities. And while you could just show up here and pick a random restaurant, we’d rather not see you waste your money on a mediocre meal.

So instead, follow us through this mouthwatering two-day foodie itinerary in Lucerne, Switzerland!

Find all of these Lucerne restaurants, cafes, and bakeries on our FREE MAP!

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Day 1 Breakfast | Two Hands

Our favorite way to start the day in Lucerne is with a satisfying breakfast at Two Hands. And the fact that they have fun swinging benches helps!

Fill up on the more traditional options like omelets and homemade pancakes, or go the healthier route by choosing a delicious smoothie, chia pudding, or granola bowl.

And while we think the food is great and fresh, it’s really the cozy atmosphere and relaxing swings that invite us to linger a little longer.

Day 1 Coffee | Grüezi Cafe

You know I (Brett) am gonna do the hard work of finding and bringing you the very best coffee spots. And this little cart in old town Lucerne is an absolute gem!

The owner, Rocky, is passionate about making a great cup of Joe. But it takes more than passion; her quality ingredients like small batch coffee beans and alternative milk choices means that even the most snobbish of coffee lovers (like me!) will find something they like.

Seriously, I could have a coffee here every day!

Day 1 Lunch | Manor Cafeteria

Manor Cafeteria has an incredible rooftop terrace. That was reason enough for us to try this spot in the first place. But we keep coming back for the expansive buffet selection of pretty good food and really good prices.

Whenever we come here, it seems like we usually get a burger and some kind of fresh juice, so we can definitely recommend those options.

But keep in mind that Manor Cafeteria stops serving hot food around 3:30 in the afternoon, and is closed on Sunday.

Day 1 Snack/Bakery/Dessert | The Äss Bar

There are a lot of bakeries and cafes in Lucerne, but this one might be my favorite just because it’s so unique. First of all, it’s called the Äss Bar, but äss actually translates to edible. What they do is go around in the evening to other restaurants and shops in Lucerne and pick up the food that those places couldn’t sell. They store it overnight and sell it for 50% off the following day at the Äss Bar.

It’s a method to prevent food waste and an awesome way to snag a cheap snack while you’re out sightseeing. So pick whatever looks good: bread, sandwiches, cookies, cakes.

They don’t necessarily tell you where the food is from, but in our experience, we’ve enjoyed some really high-quality pastries and desserts at a fraction of the price.

If you’re ready to visit one of these recommended restaurants, then download our free map so you know exactly where to go!

Day 1 BONUS | Chocolate from Au Cachet

Au Cachet has been run by a local woman, affectionately known as “Schoggi Suzi,” for over 40 years. It’s more reasonably priced and authentic-feeling than larger shops, and there are so many reasons why! Schoggi Suzi is incredibly kind, the chocolate is ultra high quality, and Au Cachet is the oldest chocolate shop in Lucerne!

au cachet the oldest chocoalte shop in lucerne switzerland swiss chocolate

Day 1 Dinner | Mill’Feuille

One of the best pieces of real estate in the city might just be at Mill’Feuille. It’s nestled right on the corner of Lucerne’s largest historic square with riverfront dining and a great view of the Spreuer bridge.

Reserve a table in advance, and ask for a spot in the room with giant glass windows overlooking the river. Or sit outside and enjoy the lively atmosphere.

With vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options available, there’s something for everyone. But meat lovers will enjoy the beef lasagna, angus burger, or meat pie with veal, pork and mushrooms.

Day 1 After dinner drinks | Gütsch

We playfully tease my mom because she doesn’t like to go out after dark when she’s traveling, but we love to see a city under the moonlight! No matter when you visit, Lucerne is super safe, so we recommend coming up to Gütsch for drinks after dinner.

A 90-second elevator ride takes you up the hill, and then it’s just a 1-minute stroll to the Gütsch Hotel Bar. Enjoy a cocktail or digestif inside the swanky bar or anywhere on the big terrace outside.

Is Lucerne already sounding like a city you want to visit?

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1 Day City Guide to Lucerne Switzerland bonus bundle by Aplins in the Alps

Day 2

Day 2 Breakfast | Marti Gras

I (Brett) have been known to have quite the sweet tooth. And while healthy choices are best for breakfast in normal life, I love something sweet for breakfast when we travel.

And you can definitely eat your fill of sweets here at Marti Gras. Look at all of these tempting breakfast cakes 🙂

If you’re looking for something a bit more savory, you can enjoy the traditional Swiss Bircher Muesli or coffee/juice/tea with bread, butter, and jam.

Day 2 Coffee | Cafe Tacuba

Our recommended coffee spot yesterday was perfect for a little caffeine kick on the go, but today you get to sit down and enjoy the ambiance.

Cafe Tacuba is a specialty coffee shop and roastery serving up one of the best cups in the city. Come for the espresso drinks, but stick around for a little rainy-day reading, or to soak in the authentic feel of visiting a neighborhood cafe in such a touristy city.

While every bean is hand-selected, don’t let the coffee distract you from noticing the interior decor. My favorite is the Italian moka pots repurposed into light fixtures! Maybe we’ll try that in our house!

Day 2 Lunch | Bündnerland

Now it’s time for something a little more traditional. Enjoy a classic lunch at Bünderland in one of the oldest half-timbered houses in Lucerne. In addition to the medieval atmosphere, they serve up plentiful portions of typical dishes like schnitzel, bratwurst, and flammkuchen. Just don’t order the fondue — we’re gonna save that for dinner later!

If you need more convincing, the owner and chef Fabian was a member of the Swiss National Culinary Team. So we’re not sure if you can get more legit Swiss food anywhere else!

Day 2 Bakery or Dessert | Eat some Chäs Chüechli

I can’t believe we allowed you to go through an entire day in Lucerne without specifically recommending cheese. But don’t worry, we’ll take care of you today!

For your afternoon snack, head to Chäs Barmettler, a family-owned shop known for their Chäs Chüechli—which you’ll undoubtedly sniff out before you even reach the place.

Chäs Chüechli are basically super tasty cheese pies, and at just 2 francs a piece, there’s no reason not to buy a few!

But take a look at all the options before you leave—with plenty of local and specialty cheeses on offer, you could create an incredible DIY cheese tasting or picnic to enjoy another day.

Day 2 BONUS | Drink out of the water fountains

Did you know that Switzerland has the highest quality drinking water in the world!? So while you’re out and about, don’t stop and buy an expensive bottle of water. Instead, use the Lucerne Water website to find drinkable water fountains all over the city.

This website is cool because it shows you a picture of the fountain, describes its history, and tells you if it’s drinkable or not. You can also see public toilets listed on this map, which you’ll need after all of the water, coffee, and drinks included in our foodie itinerary.

Day 2 Dinner | Fondue House Du Pont

If you like fondue of all kinds, do not miss Fondue House Du Pont. They’ve got cheese fondues, they’ve got meat fondues, and they’ve even got chocolate fondues!

But it doesn’t stop there. You can enjoy your cheese fondue with herbs, champagne, truffle, or tomato. Or if you’re a purist, choose a goat cheese, alp cheese, or the Moitié Moitié—which combines gruyeres cheese with alp cheese and garlic.

I know, you already had cheese for a snack this afternoon. But when in Switzerland, eat Swiss Cheese, right?!

Day 2 After dinner drinks | Rathaus or Stadtkeller

While last night’s spot for after-dinner drinks was romantic and refined, tonight you’ll enjoy a beer—and maybe a little culture too.

The Rathaus brewery is pretty young by Swiss standards, founded just 25 years ago. But new and old collaborate to make something special—the beers are brewed with spring water from the oldest wells in Lucerne fed with water from Mount Pilatus, and can be enjoyed in a 400 year old restaurant!

Different beers are available seasonally, but you’ll always be able to enjoy their cloudy, unfiltered brew no matter when you visit.

And the most unique aspect of this brewery might be the underground conduit system that allows the beer to be stored and served on tap both here and down the street at Stadtkeller, where you can sip a Rathaus brew while enjoying a Swiss folklore show.

2 days in Lucerne is enough time to really get a taste of the local food. But what else should you know before you hit the streets?

We have a blog that explains everything you need to know before you visit this Swiss city!

Or check out our convenient 1-Day City Guide to Lucerne so you can make the most of every moment here.

1 Day City Guide to Lucerne Switzerland bonus bundle by Aplins in the Alps

We’ll see ya in Switzerland!


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  1. I have watched countless videos on youtube of you and your wife and made alot of notes !! Thank you for the suggestions on where to eat what to do & how to get there. We are planning a trip in late May 2024 !
    I’m still a little confused on which Rail pass to buy… but I downloaded your checklist.

    1. Hi Elise, we’re so glad you’re finding our content helpful! We just replied to your comment about train passes over on our Ultimate Swiss Rail Pass Guide blog…enjoy your trip!

  2. Love your videos and website!! We are visiting Lucerne last week July 2024. Thank you for the restaurant lists. Looking forward to trying a few. It would be helpful to note on each one above the days closed like you did in Manor Cafeteria or add a link to the restaurants’ website for hours open/closed on your website for quick reference. We are in Lucerne 1/2 day Sat and Sun.

    Thanks again for your great insight and resources.

    1. Hi Lynn! We try to add that info, but some of the smaller places in Lucerne change their opening days/hours quite frequently throughout the year, depending on the season. So it’s pretty difficult to keep this info accurate. But yes, this is a great reminder to keep adding links to our posts in the future!

      Have a great trip!!

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