7 Can’t-Miss Cafes in the Jungfrau Region, Switzerland

7 Can't-Miss Cafes in the Jungfrau Region grindelwald switzerland interlaken murren lauterbrunnen by aplins in the alps

With jaw-dropping views and world-class adventure sports, you’d think a great cafe wouldn’t be hard to find in the Jungfrau Region. But if you’re not careful, you’ll easily blow your Swiss Francs on really mediocre coffee, average pastries, and breakfast items that look like they came from the packaged food section of the grocery store.

But you’re in luck because we’ve spent the last 3 years going to cafe after cafe in order to find 7 that you do not want to miss.

So come along with us to Grindelwald, Interlaken, and Mürren where we’ll introduce you to the people behind the very best cafes in the Jungfrau Region — and, get their tips on exactly which food and drinks you should try when you visit.

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Cafe 3692 | Grindelwald

Address: Terrassenweg 61, 3818 Grindelwald

Welcome to Cafe 3692! We’ve been here way too many times to count, because this place has one of Grindelwald’s best terraces, some of its friendliest people, amazing artisan cakes, and a cappuccino made for hard-working alpine farmers like Brett. Just kidding — about Brett being an alpine farmer, not about the coffee. 

But they have waaay more than just coffee and cakes. And the owners, Bruno and Myriam, started their life together in the most Swiss way you can possibly imagine: they ran the Gleckstein Hut together! 

For context, the Gleckstein Hut is used as a base for climbing the Wetterhorn, which has an altitude of 3692 meters (and can be seen from their cafe!) Bruno’s parents ran the hut for a while, then Bruno and Myriam took over. And he even proposed to her on the literal summit of the Wetterhorn!

It’s obvious that Bruno and Myriam love what they do. They call it “Herzblut” — life blood, or heart and soul. And you can see their passion in everything they do. Bruno built the cafe, and as Myriam said, his handwriting is all over the interior, from the ceiling that looks like wooden waves, to the trees and roots, to the beer tap made out of hand planes, and even the bathroom doors! But one of our favorite things inside is an old mining cart that has a pretty cool backstory.

It’s represents the building of the tunnel to the Jungfraujoch. They used these mining wagons to get the stones out after the detonation, and this one has the original wheels! Bruno and Myriam use it inside the cafe as an open fireplace, and it can be rolled outside to use as a barbecue.

Speaking of their terrace, if it’s a nice day when you come to Cafe 3692 in Grindelwald, you’re gonna wanna soak in the views while you enjoy a coffee, cake, or meal. But if you’re looking for food recommendations, it’s kinda hard because they have a different menu every day. As Myriam explained, “I think our signature dish is the surprise!”

No matter what you order, you will not be disappointed! This is the perfect stop for every meal of the day, an afternoon snack, and of course coffee and cake.

Beyond the appetizing menu, we appreciate that they’re so much more than just a cafe and restaurant. They also sell local artwork, handmade jewelry, host local events here, and they even have a kids’ area.

And if you’re up for a romantic getaway in Grindelwald, check out their “Love Room 3692,” complete with a big round bed, whirlpool, rain shower, and a balcony with mountain views. But whether you stay in the Love Room or just swing by for food and drinks, here’s a little advice from Myriam, “Be flexible, enjoy, and take care of our beautiful little country.”

(And a bonus piece of advice from Brett, “And don’t come here only for the Älpler Cappuccino just because that’s what I get! Haha!)

EigerBean | Grindelwald

Address: Dorfstrasse 195, 3818 Grindelwald

Welcome to EigerBean, cafe and coffee roastery! Brett is a little bit of a coffee snob, and this place says it’s “for people who love coffee” — so talk about a match made in heaven. But I shouldn’t be the one to spill all the beans…

Owner Marco explains that, “coffee is a thing which brings people together.” He always wanted to open his own business in hospitality. And after a barista education where the other students had so much fun with coffee, Marco knew his business would be a cafe.

What started as a daily ritual with his grandparents in Germany developed into a full-fledged passion. Marco roasts the coffee beans in-house, and there are so many little things he does to make the coffee drinking experience truly special — including cool cups! He crafts modern, light roasts and blends his passion between bartending and coffee roasting.

Obviously the coffee beans aren’t grown in Switzerland, but Marco incorporates the local flavor by only using local cows’ milk or oat milk that comes from Switzerland. And his passion for coffee-based drinks is evident: every few minutes during our interview, he kept bringing new and unique drinks for us to try!

One was a cold brew mixed with Swiss tonic water. Brett usually isn’t a fan of cold brew — not sure why, he just likes hot coffee I guess! But this was really good. (And Marco said this is the most Swiss tonic water you can possibly get — tonic water made from a Swiss underground spring…love it!)

We also tried a Coffee Bon-Bon, which is like a sweet coffee dessert with sweetened condensed milk on the bottom, then a layer of espresso, then topped with a layer of milk foam. Jana gave this a try (even though she doesn’t like coffee) and it wasn’t bad. Naturally, Brett’s sweet-tooth adored this drink!

With so much creativity, training, and passion you might be wondering if your experience will feel overwhelming if you’re brand new to coffee. But that’s something else we really appreciate about Marco. He’s happy when a customer walks in who (like Jana) doesn’t like coffee but wants to see his shop. Marco explains that, “they get surprised with what they find in here.”

There are plenty of drinks to enjoy, too. In addition to coffee, teas, lemonades, and steamed milk, he has something you may not have tried anywhere else: cascara. It’s the cheery of the coffee plant brewed into a tea. It actually tastes like a fruit tea but is also caffeinated. In his words, “It’s the best way to get a healthy kind of energy drink, but without any kind of coffee flavor.”

Cafe Liv | Mürren

Address: Bir Schiir 1056, 3825 Mürren

Welcome to Cafe Liv! We first came here more than 5 years ago before YouTube was even a dream in our minds. But whether it’s for a coffee, a cake, or a refreshing summer drink — we can hardly resist a stop here whenever we come up to Mürren.

Constanze is the owner of Cafe Liv, and she told us she named the place after her first daughter, Olive. But that’s not the only way she was inspired by her family. When she was a child, her dad made a toastie with cranberry jam and local Brie cheese. “We had it every Sunday for breakfast, that’s my childhood. And people love it. It’s the most sold thing on the menu, the cranberry toastie.”

We like cranberries and we like cheese, and this did not disappoint! It’s so light and refreshing, but not super powerful — makes sense why it’s a delightful customer-favorite! (And now Brett wants cranberry jam added to his grilled cheese every time!)

But the cranberry toastie is obviously just one of many great things on the menu! We’ve also enjoyed plenty of cappuccinos, the chocolate cheesecake (which Constanze said is her personal favorite), the vanilla lemonade (which is the perfect summertime drink), and lots of other cakes and brownies too. But when we asked which one item she thinks everyone should try, she said, “The apple walnut cake, which has cream cheese frosting and caramel on top, and it’s epic!”

Cafe Liv serves up plenty of original creations, and Constanze is gracious to share that some recipes are her own, while many have come from the fantastic people who work with her. But the cozy interior of the cafe has her fingerprints all over it because everything is made from scratch. They built the tables themselves. If you line them up, you can tell that they’re all from one big oak tree. She carried intricate wood back from Italy to hang up in the window. The colorful boards at the counter are upcycled too.

Constanze isn’t originally from Mürren. But when she moved here from Germany, she quickly realized this place is pretty special. One of her first memories here was having to register at the Gemeinde in Lauterbrunnen. But she didn’t even have to ride the train! “We took our snowboards, and we were boarding down literally until a hundred meters in front of the council building. And that was for me the key when I fell in love.”

We can’t imagine Mürren without Cafe Liv, and it’s safe to say that for Constanze, Cafe Liv and Mürren are inseparable too. So here’s her special advice to you before you come visit, “Just bring time. Come, bring time, and sit here all day. That’s for me Mürren — watching the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau.”

InSport Coffee Bar | Mürren

Address: Höhematte 1073, 3825 Mürren

Welcome to InSport Coffee Bar! It’s literally inside of the InSport shop, so you can grab a quick snack and caffeine fix while picking out some new gear. But don’t let that fool you — with world class hiking and mountain views, shouldn’t Mürren have world-class coffee, too?!

That’s exactly what the owner, Belinda, has created — high quality coffee in a cafe that beautifully represents what Mürren is all about. 

Belinda grew up here in Mürren, and she’s really, really passionate about this place. Her first memory of coffee is going shopping with her grandma as a child, and afterwards they’d head to a cafe. “We used to always get a babyccino. And I think that was the first taste I got for coffee.”

She moved back to Australia as a teenager, and got a job at a coffee shop. And that’s where the inspiration for Insport Coffee Bar was planted. She said that “every coffee had to go out with latte art, so it was unacceptable to send something out that was just poured.” Which is really just a professional and friendly way of saying, “I became a coffee snob!”

Belinda moved back to Switzerland and decided to open up a cafe of her own. She explained, “I always wanted to have a coffee shop. I always wanted to make good coffee in Mürren.” And she found a unique spot for a cafe — inside of a sports retail shop! “Intersport is my dad’s shop, so it’s actually a retail store.”

Although it took some strategizing and a few hoops to jump through, she got the permit to open just one day before the grand opening. Just like her and her grandma, you can get your shopping done and grab a coffee at the same time. And if you were to order just one item when you visit, we 100% agree with what Belinda recommends, “The mountain cappuccino because it speaks for itself. You get everything in one cup!”

We’ve had the cappuccino, the babyccino, the smoothies, the pies. Everytime we come we get something different, and we’re never disappointed!

eiger monch and jungfrau mountains on a mountain cappuccino insport coffee bar murren

Belinda would love for people to know that, “This is not just a place that you come to for coffee. That means if you need ideas to go for a hike and whatnot. I like to call it the place where coffee meets community because it’s more than just coffee.”

Velo Cafe | Interlaken

Address: Unionsgasse 10, 3800 Interlaken

Welcome to Velo Cafe! We visited for the very first time 3 years ago, and I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that one or both of us has been here at least 50 times ever since. The location is so convenient, the coffee satisfies even Brett’s unbelievable standards, and even my non-coffee-loving self is always able to find something I enjoy.

Owner Rob explained that, like a lot of people, he probably drinks more coffee than he should. But more than coffee, he likes coffee houses.

“I’ve always been drawn to design. So those two things for me were what made Velo Cafe. I know people used to drive 20 minutes from Interlaken to go and get a good coffee. So for me it was like, oh, I could create all of those things together, and that’s kinda what I did.”

And Velo Cafe takes Italian espresso-based drinks to a whole new level with their hands-on process and attention to details. Rob was introduced to an Italian espresso machine as a young man, and enjoyed using it because it was so hands-on and mechanical. “And you actually make the coffee, it doesn’t just come out of a hole in the wall if you’d like, you know.” The whole process is very manual, and it still is today. “Not a lot has changed. For me, that’s cool. And people enjoy that, they like the drama and theater of that. That’s Italian coffee making, and that’s what we have.”

As soon as you walk in the door, you’re greeted by not only the smell of espresso, but also the cool bike-themed decor. It’s hard not to come inside and go “Wow!”

“As a little boy, my first opportunity to go further than the end of my street was when I got a bike. That just gave me freedom, and gave me the ability to explore and see the world. And when I first moved to Interlaken, I had no money and so I got a bike. You might not be able to get a car, but you can always get a bike. And you can go far on a bike! Switzerland, you can see the whole country on a bike — and I have. But it just complements, for me it all just works together really well.”

But it’s not just coffee and bikes here! When we asked Rob which one food item everyone should try, he had a quick and simple answer, “Carrot cake! You gotta try the carrot cake! It’s my Mum’s recipe.”

You had better believe we’ve had that carrot cake at least 5 times so we know it’s really good. If you’re looking for something on the savory side, try the breakfast burrito or the breakfast sandwich with grilled halloumi and spicy mayo. Rob says “They’re unbeatable! There’s nothing better in Interlaken!”

The granola is worth a try too because Rob makes it from scratch all by himself. And as for the cafe, well — you might find yourself coming here every day if you stay in Interlaken.

“It’s just a nice little place down a little street, tucked out of the way. You can come and have a quick bite, or you can come and sit on the sofa, sit somewhere comfy, sit somewhere private. Somewhere where locals and tourists both can have a little home away from home!”

The Aarburg Hotel & Cafe | Interlaken

Address: Beatenbergstrasse 1, 3800 Unterseen bei Interlaken

Welcome to The Aarburg Hotel & Cafe! We come here often with friends after church, and we love how they have cozy seats for one-on-chats, tables for gathering with larger groups, and an awesome terrace for enjoying their beautiful riverside location with mountain views. But all you’ll need is a quick peek to notice this place is oozing with historic charm.

Owners Kat and Tim explain that this place has been around for a long time — they estimate about 150 years! Tim commented that “the oldest picture that was found of the building has a horse and cart out the front.”

Once upon a time it was a very traditional Swiss restaurant and hotel, as well as a bell-ringing club hangout. (See if you can spy the bells hanging on the ceiling!) They kept the original name, which means “Aare” (the name of the nearby river) and “Burg” (little castle), so it’s like a little castle on the river. But this little castle hasn’t always been home for Tim and Kat

Kat is half Swiss. “So I’ve been coming to Switzerland since I was a baby. I came one Summer to work in Interlaken. And then one Summer turned into two, and turned into three, and then became permanent.” And Tim came as one of the original guides for Outdoor Interlaken, before they met each other here in Switzerland.

Tim said, “We decided that we’d try and get real jobs and move back into regular society. We moved to Australia, got those real jobs, realized we didn’t fit in with the regular world, and moved back to Switzerland.” 

comfortable seating in the aarburg hotel and cafe interlaken switzerland unterseen

And of all the places Kat and Tim could have settled, they picked here. Why here in Unterseen (Interlaken)? Partly because of the location of their building.

“It’s not the complete center of town, it’s not where the majority of people come, people actually have to search us out. But having a terrace on the front of the river with a mountain view is pretty unique in Interlaken.”

And Tim is right — who wouldn’t want to sit on the terrace by the river first thing in the morning or with a drink late in the evening?!

What’s even better about the Aarburg is that you can feast your eyes on the views while you enjoy their coffee and food made with absolute passion.

Their menu is pretty comprehensive and has “something for everyone.” We appreciate that all of their desserts (of which we’ve tried many!) are made from scratch.

Kat says that the classics are “the eggs benedict” or “the French toast, for something sweet.”

As the guy with the sweet tooth, Brett can absolutely confirm that the zopf french toast is delicious.

Kat also recommends their cheesecake, and Brett suggests you try his favorite: the brookie (brownie + cookie).

And Tim? Well he keeps his recommendation simple. “I’d say coffee. Just come and try the coffee. Have it the way that you like it, and if you don’t know how you like it, ask us and we’ll tell you how you like it.”

Not into coffee? Not a problem. Jana recommends the Swiss apfelschorle, which is a carbonated apple juice. 

In addition to the views and food, there are two more things we love about The Aarburg Hotel and Cafe. First, their staff. They have 11 employees from 10 nationalities. They’re from all over the world, super friendly, and clearly love their job because most of them have been here for a long time. Second, it’s a hangout for tourists and locals alike. 

Tim says it best. “If you are a tourist, you can mix with the locals here — whether they’re expat locals or Swiss locals, we definitely have a mix of all of the above.”

Spatz | Interlaken

Address: Spielmatte 49, 3800 Unterseen

Welcome to Spatz! You’ll often find Brett in here sipping a cappuccino by the window, or next to the river on their incredible terrace! But while you can get a really great Italian-style coffee here, that’s not even remotely the heart and soul of what they do. 

We lived in Rome, Italy for 6 months back in 2017, and that was when we were first introduced to the incredible Italian aperitivo. But what exactly is it? Jan defines it as “coming together with friends and having a good time.” And usually it’s done over drinks and small bites in the evening. But we’ll get to the food in a minute. Let’s jump back to Jan’s childhood with his brother in his grandfather’s garden.

“Back in the day we used to sit together and we’d have a big bonfire going. And my granddad always pulled out the big bottles of wine, a couple beers, and friends would come swing by. We’d have a good time until late at night. We had all sorts of nationalities mixed together which was just something great to experience. And I think that’s a big part of what we celebrate here as well. Coming together, it doesn’t really matter where you’re from, who you are. All that matters is that you want to have a good time.”

And you’re guaranteed a good time from your first glimpse of this place! When people first see the location of Spatz and the terrace right on the river, they often say, “Oh wow, that’s amazing!”

Jan also owns the No. 8 Boutique Hotel next door, and it was a no-brainer to buy these properties. “With a river just right next to the bar — that was just a great opportunity! Interlaken is probably the most beautiful place on earth. We’ve got two lakes and a river flowing from one lake to the other, but there’s literally only one bar that’s located right next to the water, and that’s us.”

You’re clearly going to love this spot, and we think you’ll have the same reaction to their food as you do the terrace. Spatz’s menu has small plates and snacks, but if there’s one thing you should definitely order, Jan recommends the focaccia. “We have homemade focaccia. We bake them fresh everyday. We fill them with some mortadella, burrata, a bit of pistachio on top, fresh basil leaves — that’s amazing, to die for!”

When Jan was cutting the mortadella, it literally smelled like we were back in Italy! It’s light and not too oily, yet still has the classic flavor of focaccia. Plus, who can resist those toppings: prosciutto with parmesan and balsamic, or mortadella with burrata and pistachio. 

Spatz is committed to only finding the best and highest-quality stuff. Jan shared, “Sometimes we drive down to Italy on the weekend and bring back some prosciutto di Parma, fior di latte, special foods you can’t get here in the same quality.” And the week before we filmed, they took a trip across Switzerland to discover really good local wines.

“We went on a tour around Switzerland to visit some producers and we brought back some amazing bottles of Swiss wine. What we focus on here is the small production, small producers, unique wines which you can’t really get at other places around town.”

While at Spatz, we enjoyed 2 types of focaccia plus a meat and cheese platter, perfectly paired with a Swiss wine. Jan and his colleagues are practically sommeliers because they can suggest which bottle is best for your aperitivo and your personal taste. But whether you’re in the mood for a morning cappuccino, evening aperitivo, or small-town hotel, Spatz is the spot for you.

Eat in Interlaken, Grindelwald, and Lauterbrunnen

Next time you’re in the Jungfrau Region, head to one of our favorite cafes to sip top-notch coffee, enjoy homemade baked goods, and meet these cafe owners — our friends!


Jana is an SEO copywriter and content editor plus travel YouTuber. She loves all things gelato, sunshine, and words. Her perfect day? Tossing on sunglasses to read a book and catch some rays, then dinner with her husband and friends. In her free time, Jana disciples teen girls and cooks from scratch (like homemade pasta). Jana lives in Switzerland with her husband, Brett.

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  2. Thank you so very much for all the great information you share! I have saved these places in my Switzerland map and will be sure to tell them this was “recommended by Jana & Brett” when we visit.

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