1-Day Guide To Mürren & Gimmelwald, Switzerland


1-day Guide to Mürren & Gimmelwald, Switzerland


✔️ Enjoy the benefits of a guided tour without the cost

✔️ Experience a stress-free day (or weekend) in Mürren

✔️ Save time planning your trip and reduce decision fatigue

✔️ Visit off-the-beaten-path locations that most tourists miss

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✔️ Travel Switzerland with confidence!


Planning your next trip to the Swiss Alps and wondering…

✔️Where should I go? 

✔️How do I get there? 

✔️How much will it cost?

We can answer those questionsand all of the other ones that you haven’t even asked yet!

Hi, we’re Jana and Brett, Aplins in the Alps.

Our mission is to help you maximize your trip to Switzerland while minimizing your budget and planning time.

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Because of your questions, comments, and emails (and kind compliments too!), we’ve decided to launch a product that accomplishes our mission and helps you travel Switzerland with confidence.

In fact, nothing like this exists.

For real, we scoured the internet (thanks, Google!) and found zero resources like this one. That means you haven’t been able to find one either — until now!

Allow us to introduce a complete guide to one of our most-recommended destinations


1-day Guide to Mürren & Gimmelwald, Switzerland


✔️Comprehensive 27-page PDF itinerary

✔️Bonus: Detailed spreadsheet

✔️Bonus: Custom Google map

✔️Bonus: PDF guides, lists, and activities

✔️Bonus: Link cheat sheet

✔️Bonus: Swiss Train Pass Checklist

What’s included? The PDF Guide

This PDF Guide details a comprehensive 1-day itinerary including everything you need to know.

For real, it’s 26 pages of descriptions, insider tips, can’t-miss activities, jaw-dropping photo spots, and so much more!

FREE Bundle Bonuses

Here’s the thing, you guys ask such brilliant questions on our YouTube videos, emails, blogs, Instagram — you name it!

So you taught us that our 1-day guide needs more than just an itinerary.

That’s why we’ve crafted a few Bundle Bonuses to save you planning time, reduce your decisions, and ultimately enhance your vacation.

Bonus #1: Detailed Spreadsheet

If you have a logistical question, you’ll find the answer here! This is a one-stop-shop for transportation time tables, opening hours, costs, etc.

Bonus #2: Google Map

If you’re a visual learner, then this map will make it 10 times easier to plan your trip! See each stop along the itinerary, plus nearby activities and transportation hubs.

Bonus #3: PDF Bundle

We always recommend at least 1 day in Mürren, but there are a zillion other things to do nearby! Use this list as inspiration to plan the rest of your trips to the Swiss Alps.

Bonus #4: Links Cheat Sheet

In case you can’t tell, we like to cover all of our bases. This cheat sheet (well, more like 5 pages of cheat sheets) has hyperlinks to all of the places we mention in our guide!

Bonus #5: Swiss Train Pass Checklist

We know it can be confusing (and expensive) to navigate the public transportation in Switzerland. Our checklist makes it simple, and saves you hundreds (possibly thousands) of dollars!

Instantly plan your next trip to Mürren with this done-for-you bundle!

Still have questions? We have answers!

✔️ Where should I visit in the Swiss Alps?
Mürren! (And other places, but in our opinion, Mürren is a can’t-miss Swiss village.)

✔️How long should I stay there?
At least one day, maybe a whole weekend.

✔️Where else should I go?
We share a hit list of our top recommendations, like villages, tourist spots, and nearby hikes.

✔️How do I get there?
There are 4 pages covering how to reach Mürren via car or public transportation, including the best Swiss train pass for your stay in Mürren.

✔️How much will it cost?
We include estimated costs for each activity for your convenience.

✔️What else do I need to know?
We share details about public toilets, opening hours, detailed hiking directions, where to eat, the best hotels, and so much more. 

✔️Buy this guide today! Why?
Because it delivers more time, fewer decisions, and a stress-free vacation!

Give it a Test Drive for 7 days…

But we know how it feels to spend money on something that doesn’t feel worth it. After all, Switzerland isn’t a cheap destination. That’s why our refund policy is all about YOU. Browse our full terms and conditions here, but here’s the gist:

Take 1 week to sample this product, and if you’re not satisfied with the test drive within 7 days, we will fix the problem or deliver a full refund. 

And here’s the cherry on top: you get free lifetime updates! We will regularly upgrade our content and incorporate new info to keep you in the loop.

Questions? Contact us a janaandbrett@aplinsinthealps.com


1-day Guide to Mürren & Gimmelwald, Switzerland


✔️Comprehensive 27-page PDF itinerary

✔️Bonus: Detailed spreadsheet

✔️Bonus: Custom Google map

✔️Bonus: PDF guides, lists, and activities

✔️Bonus: Link cheat sheet

✔️Bonus: Swiss Train Pass Checklist

We can’t wait to show you around Mürren and Gimmelwald.

See ya in Switzerland!